Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Count Coup

Cheap, plated mystery metal in the shape of a feather that I really like.
Blue patina applied with an embossing gun so the mystery metal didn't melt in a flame.
Sanding to reveal a copper color under the black n blue!

Woven chain, waxed linen and some buckskin cording; all combined for a piece of jewelry I feel powerful wearing.    

The Chief 

That was a close call.
 Now, freshen your face paint, 
 sharpen your tomahawk,
 step back on your war path and go collect you some scalps.


  1. Lovely! How exciting that your "mystery metal" worked out for your design! That's always exciting :) Gotta love those "power pieces". It feels good to wear things that make you feel strong. xo Genea

  2. Gorgeous feathers. Mystery metal transformed!