Friday, December 21, 2012

Somethings I made with some left over metal

I have been hoarding a bit of  left over silver and thicker copper wire gauges.
It was time to risk them under the hammer!

Do you remember the Stephanie Wells book review;

I have re-visited this book as an alternative means of creating the large hoop earrings I am obsessed with. The garage is too damn cold to hang out in for hours while I sort beads, string them on metal, hammer more carefully than I usually do and then finish by hand each individual piece as they can't go into the tumbler with their delicate glass and stone bits. I needed to move part of the work bench indoors whilst the propane oxygen tank sits unused in the freezing garage.

I'm having fun imagining my soiree through India.
Horseshoe Trio Links with Rubies

African White Heart Beads with Gold Coral

I had a lot of fun with these and next I will try La Bella Joya's fan technique with some of the larger hoop styles!
Won't that be fun!?!

I have petal shapes that are 2" in length;

and indigo jumbo sized gypsy frames;

Jewel Toned Frames;

And some rustic antique copper horseshoe links;

But I think the pair that I would wear the most would be the tiniest fan woven onto the mini antiqued sterling hoops;

Ack! So many plans, so little time!

If you are a designer who has tried the seed bead weaving onto the metal hoops can I feature your designs? I would love to see how they turn out!

I am going to offer this pair of the horseshoe trio links as a give-away;
So please leave a comment for this post if you would like to be entered in to win a free pair of antiqued copper horseshoe trio links.
Peace and Prosperity,


  1. The horseshoe trio links happen to be my favorite! I love the ethnic feel of these pieces - lovely work! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Xmas Shannon - miss you!!

  2. I was just thinking about Marcie's pattern with your links!!! Love them!

  3. Wow, this is the first time I've seen your new look!! So well-suited for your work, I love it!! Each pair of earrings is incredible, I would wear any of them, what a statement!! Thank you for the magnificent giveaway!

  4. Loving your new blog! Gorgeous new components - I just went shopping. ;)

  5. Those are gorgeous! And buy those I mean all of the above. I just love an earring full of movement

  6. Merry Christmas... wow what em all. busy poking dh and saying look look. late Christmas present maybe. thanks for the chance to win your trio

  7. This is my first, but not last, visit to your new blog. Love these earrings and can feel the playfulness in them!

  8. So glad to see you're blogging again - have missed your presence. Your work is just gorgeous.

  9. Really admire your work- and your writing! Would love to win those horseshoe links. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. I love everything you've made, especially the horseshoe earrings with the rubies!

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