Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thank You for Commenting!

 as number 11 on the random generator has won a free pair of Horseshoe Trio Links!
Kylie, I was so happy to see your blog and look forward to learning more about you and your work. I hope you have a great time designing something with the horseshoe trio links I'm shipping out to you on Monday!
 Thank you all for commenting!
And I meant what I said about featuring your work with the ear hoops; if you do not mind sharing, I would love to see what variations other long earring obsessed designers come up with.

African trade beads with carved mother of pearl roses.

I tried to go shopping for the dagger beads featured in Marcie's pattern but even though they are relatively inexpensive, somehow my cart ended up with $175 worth which just wouldn't clear the hollow echo-y abyss that is my bank account.
So I am digging around in what I have to find 'a like' bead with the same measurement that gives the same spike/tooth/dagger/spear like shape to the design.

But now I'm thinking black on red;
These would be cool with the fan design spiking outward from the bottom of the teardrops.
Maybe with some cream mixed in to keep it earthy?

I don't know, those iridescent coatings and peacock finishes are awfully tempting!

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