Saturday, January 5, 2013

I am totally impressed with Jewelry Affaire's new PR & Social Media Manager; Yili Ma

I knew a project of mine was going into a future issue, I just wasn't sure when. That makes it really hard to help promote the magazine and my work with scheduled blog posts, shows and give-away's.
But Yili Ma sent a professional, timely email informing me of when to expect the magazine and what to do if it does not arrive.
She also included a pretty badge for the blog that links directly to the issue;

(instructions on how to use it!!! Thank you!)
and an offer to link to any shows promoting being a published author in their magazine.

"Hello Borders."
 I stride in flipping my long black cashmere cape over my shoulder and tossing my gloves and hat to the nearest sales representative.
"I'm here for my author signing." 
"You there, behind the counter, may I please have a caramel macchiato waiting at my table for me. And make sure the crowd stays behind the velvet rope. I'm agoraphobic and prone to spells."
I flounce to the back of the store feeling important and needed.
Ready to talk jewelry....

Anyway, I found all this so amazingly organized and easy, there was no way I could over look an important article that features another one of my favorite metal art clay artists;

The article includes instructions on adding a bit of color to the flowers that Jen makes and assembling them to inexpensive brass chain in dramatic but simple ways. I hope you have fun adding the technique to your Spring line up!

To celebrate my article being published in a more humble manner than the imaginary book signing, I am giving away this adorable Grungy Heart necklace. Oh yes! She makes hearts too!

 Please leave a comment in, er, um, comments if you would like to be entered in to win the Grungy Heart Necklace and I will draw a name a few days after I remember that I forgot to draw next Sat.

Thank you to the magazine Jewelry Affaire for letting me share my passion with their readers and to Jennifer Tough for sharing her talent with other jewelry designers.
Peace and Prosperity,


  1. Love the necklace, and would LOVE to wear it. Thanks for the chance! Happy New Year-

  2. Congrats on having your article published, Shannon! And thank you for the chance to win that fab necklace!

    Janet @

  3. Jewelry Affaire did a very nice job with the article! Glad you received some well-deserved recognition, Shannon! Oh yes, I would love that gorgeous necklace!!

  4. Congratulations Shannon! I will have to go find this issue. Thanks for offering this lovely necklace which I'd love to model.

    And you know, I could see you sitting at that table penning your name on a beautiful book. You have so much talent, you'd be a great teacher ~

  5. Congratulations! That is very exciting to have an article published. Will we be able to link to it from here to be able to read it, or will I need to look for it at a newstand?

  6. Great necklace! Congrats on getting published in an awesome magazine!

  7. Yay you! I can totally imagine you doing it and it would be wonderful. So happy to have found your blog again as you always make me chuckle

  8. Happy to have found your new blog! Congratulations on the publication and you would look grand in a velvet cape!

  9. Congratulations for your nice post and thanks for publish your nice necklace.

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