Friday, February 22, 2013

Ahhhh, who needs a man anyway.

It was reported a total of 14 inches, but it really didn't seem like that much once it was done.

Until I started shoveling. And then it seemed double that.

BUT..... I shoveled!!!!
I did!
All by myself!

Okay, I had a little help from my friend, The Captain, 
And a neighbors shovel.
As I forgot to get one before the snow was dumped on us here in the MO.
But I did remember extra toilet paper, coffee, water and of course, the rum.
Now, I can curl up with the kiddos for a nice 4 day weekend and pizza delivery!
Be safe and warm, everyone!
Peace & Prosperity,


  1. You really shouldn't put "who needs a man" and "14 inches" in the same paragraph, girl! (hope I made you smile)
    Good job, that looks like the heavy stuff. Now go drink your spiced rum.

    1. Oh! heehee! If only....
      Thanks for the laugh, Kimberly! I lift my bottle to ya!

  2. LOL, @ Kimberly!!!

    Yeah, who needs a man OR a gym membership!! Yay for you!!

    1. I'm starting to feel it tonight.... but still, kinda proud!

  3. You go girl!! I was out there shoveling us out too! *flexes muscles* It wasn't as bad the first day as it was later on at night when I had to shovel out a place our car. At night the snow was frozen on top and wet and heavy on the bottom. Ugh! Sounds like a great weekend! xo Genea

  4. Having made it through a few Colorado blizzards when the huz was out of town...shoveling and whacking snow off trees...I salute you!! And the Captain too, of course. :) xoxo

  5. that is an accomplishment - and it's one of those jobs one cannot ignore... because if the sidewalk wasn't clear, the pizza guy couldn't come to the door! you look wonderful!