Friday, March 1, 2013

Easter Egg Ear Candy

So its rough all over and some stores I stock at need more inexpensive every day jewelry stocked rather then the slightly odd, personal-expression-enhancement pieces I have been sending in.... in the name of art.
Were you paying attention last Spring?

These are a mix of vintage glass, lucite and brass ear bits on hand dyed Easter egg tags.
Super fun to assemble, and at $10 a pr, its' like it never came out of the buyers bank account.
Who makes big woven bird's nest baskets? Like 12" in diameter? That would be perfect as a complimentary display!!!
I picture the final product at the moment of completion;  The buyers delight upon finding such a "Fresh Spring Find" in an affordable price and they look around and feel good that they are not in Walmart.
 Easy fun shopping is my goal here.

I'm also unloading a hoard of vintage galor in the online shop within this next week;

So I hope you find something you like!

Until Spring actually comes, I'm going to pretend I don't notice what keeps happening outside...


  1. Soooo pretty! It just makes me want to eat candy! What's the middle bracelet on the bottom made out of?

  2. I second Pamela's thoughts and question - what is that middle bottom bracelet made of? I want it, and the matching earrings; love the pink with leaves and flowers. Also, four rows down and three from the left, those spiral earrings are fantastic - love them! Where can I go to purchase and support the stores buying from you? :)

  3. So cute.... Nice to see a post from you .... Big squishy hugs xox

  4. Love the Easter egg tags, very eye catching!