Monday, March 25, 2013

Delayed Spring and The Redeemer

The first day of spring break.
I am feeling an exhausted sense of deja vu. Will this winter ever end?  
Will I ever feel the thawing of cold bones and a hardened heart?
What's that? Could it be?
Oh yeeeeeeeeees.
A real live, hot-blooded MAN.

And I didn't even have to pay him.
Shanny has a new friend and he's super helpful.

Here is what I've been working on while I wait for a delayed order of sterling;

Sorting through scraps of chain to either use in projects or sell to other designers. Some of them are only a few inches long and I'm not sure any one would want to buy them, but they do make for a nice pop of grungy color in pieces designed with some other artists work like
Birgitta's eco-friendly ceramic plaques;

You can purchase Birgitta's work here;
What I find interesting is that if you were to type Angel Whisperer into etsy's search bar her shop doesn't come up, instead a few pieces from another designer that  mentions Birgitta's name is shown instead (which are beautiful and I loved seeing them, but it was irrelevant to my search as a potential buyer). Now I do not know when this change occurred in etsy, but I imagine that it has resulted in a few lost sales as I did not know to change HOW I searched, I only remembered Birgitta's shop name from months and months ago when I was collaborating with a few artists friends to post design ideas on Art Bead Scene.
To find her shop, I ended up going to facebook and searching her wall until I found a link to product in her store. Huh. It took too long and I imagine that an interested buyer would have given up, but I couldn't publish my post without properly crediting the artist that inspired the piece.  

Very, very interesting and no doubt a greedy attempt to push sellers towards paid for "ads" available on etsy, which seems to be the ONLY way to show up in any search on the site now days.

So anyway, here is what I would love to purchase from this talented lady who is based in Sweden.

Each of these pieces give me a mysterious feeling and I would love to see them paired with patina chain and leather, as if I were some wood nymph from an ancient time that could survive in the forest with just jewelry and a bow n arrow.
What? It could happen, I'm learning a lot of survival skills from Cody Lundin on Dual Survival Show.
It just couldn't happen in this kind of snow. I would be dead within mere minutes.
Peace and Prosperity,


  1. I might want some scrap chain. Send me a message. Nice blogspot. Cherrie

  2. Ahhhh.... Shannon !!
    Thank You ever so much for writing about my art beads !!
    I do love that necklace very much indeed ...actually a favorite carrying one of my pendants :-)
    You do have a special way of making trendy jewelry AND still very classic in a way !!
    Those chains of Yours look gorgeous jumm !
    ....who would not need a friend like that ..send him over here as I have to pay for my "snowshovelhelp"
    Many warm hugs to You ! over there still with snow around
    well spring is on the way..

  3. ah, my heart is softening - how nice for you!
    birgitta? i love her work - particularly the awen and tribal aztec dagger set...
    patina work is gaw-jus... i look forward to getting into my basement.. and my fingers are crossed that the patinas are all fine...