Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 3 of Homeschooling

Would you like to hear another Sad Shannon Story?
So to set the stage, you need to know that I did not want to move from the house the kiddos and I found for ourselves after re-grouping from the move from Florida. 
But my income just couldn't keep up with the payments and the greedy landlords kept adding late fees on that made it impossible to stay caught up, even though I was paid in full. I had to break my lease, lose my security deposit, find a new place I could afford, earn the money for first months rent and another security deposit. All within a months time.
Mark my words.
The most important thing I focused on while searching for a new home was keeping the kids in the same school. This was the only thing my son, who hates school, asked of me and I respected his need to remain stable, in addition to my daughters love for her own school, teachers, friends and clubs.
It was getting really close.
 I had days to pack up and move, mom and dad are trying to sell their house so they are rehabbing the basement where they put up me and the kids before, it wasn't an option to run back to mommy and daddy.   
I had to be a grown up all by myself and find my own place.
(whine, cry and stamp feet)
 But I found it!
A little town home with 3 bedrooms and they said it's okay to run my propane/oxygen torch in the basement!
I was so relieved, because it kind of looked like I was going to have to close up shop again and I will be honest in saying that if I didn't have the business, I would feel like such a loser.

So I get the approval, I get help moving (Thank you Russell, you have redeemed your family in my eyes) and we begin to settle in once more.
For the fourth time in 21 months.
I've mentioned how difficult I find change, right? I mean I am a total basket case right now, but I feel good cause at least we aren't living in the van.
I dutifully go up to the school to alert them to my new change of address and give them a phone number where they can reach me.
The receptionist lays a bomb on me;
"She has to go to Warrior Ridge Elementary."
"Whaaaaaaaaaat?", I ask.
"You mean she can't go to school here?"
"No, she is out of the zone."
"What" I ask again, in total disbelief.
"She can't stay in her class for the rest of the year?"
I respond with
"I would rather break my lease, lose $1,500 dollars and live in my parents basement than take her out of the school she loves and has been doing so well in." 
I then flip my blond hair, grab up my handbag and stalk out, cause I'm getting really good at dramatic exists. 
I also figure that no one needs to know, right? I mean why can't we all just pretend I never said anything?
But noooooooooooooooooooo, 
this receptionist has to hunt me down, leaving messages on my mom's phone stating that if I do not turn in proof of residency by tomorrow, Makayla would be dropped from the roster. 

So Princess Pinky Pita Pie is being homeschooled.
While I run the business.
While I unpack and set up a new work bench.
And while I deal with some personal crap that is heavy on my mind.
Here is what I find on day 3 after working for a couple of hours in the basement;

The full mattress is flipped up.
The window is wide open.
There is a pocket knife on the floor, in addition to seed beads spilled all over
and her computer is on the vent which has been running our heating unit non-stop due to the fact that her window is open.

I fear for her life and my frail state of mind is now threatened even further.
But I'll be darned if I am going to let this school district get even a penny for her enrollment, after treating her this way.
They would rather have an empty school seat and have no money at all then continue to educate a bright eyed, well-behaved, intelligent little girl who had straight A's and did her best in all areas for another 7 weeks of the school year.
Who only lives 1.4 miles from the school, while the school they insist she start over in is 2.6 miles and a second drop off from her brothers middle school.
Are you as disgusted as I am?
I'm going to tell everybody.

* I want to add that a friend of mine on facebook mentioned there is a waiver that may be granted for out-of-district students. I am going to follow up with that possible option and then write a second letter to the actual receptionist, instructing her on that Really Important Bit of Information that she does not know about or didn't see fit to mention to me as an option.


  1. I hate when schools do stupid things like that! Where is the common sense in this world!! Sending hugs and prayers for all these new challenges in your life. XO

  2. Good luck Shannon! You're in my thoughts and prayers! I know that everything will work out and you'll back and laugh at these days. Shine bright, my friend!

    P.S. Shoot me over an email with your new snail mail address. I have a thank you card from when you sent goodies for the gift bags back in September.

  3. Egads! That sounds totally nuts to me... I don't have school age kids though so yippie I can't wait for that ball of crazy. As for the picture, um I can't imagine either! Creative mind at work I guess. Sending vibes of no-more-bat-shit-illogical-craziness-situations your way!

  4. I am so sorry I am not there to help you through this.
    I had some issues with our school and one of our children and as a result he DROPPED OUT, with my blessing, with only two semesters left until he graduated fromm High School. To his credit (not to mine) he thought I would home school him -- but at the time I could not. I think we were going through seizures here at the time.
    Hang in there, Shannon and please let me know what happens. It is absurd. I feel terrible for you and the kids. All my love, jean

  5. Hugs and prayers, Shannon.
    seem to get it all! You are often in my thoughts. Things will get better..

  6. Is your little girl back home? I hope everything gets much better for you soon!

  7. shannon, i just don't know what to say... this is overwhelming to even read... i do know that in my school district, they will allow a child to finish out a school year so as not to be disruptive to their education... this seems rather ludicrous - take it up with the board of education... i cannot believe that knowing how many times these kids have moved and under what circumstances, pinky wouldn't be allowed to stay... don't give up!

  8. I feel for you sweet girl, I do. I don't know what's it's like to have to move your kids from schools, but I can't imagine how frustrating that must be for you and your dear ones. I can't believe how poorly you were treated. Couldn't the admin have given you some options? Can you fight it somehow? Keep climbing the chain until you get the answers you want or until there is no more fighting that can be done. Hang in there, and don't give up hope! I would "fight to the death" and have for situations until there is nothing more that I can physically do. I will pray for you and your sweet ones that some good resolution can be made.

    I DO totally understand the having to move and how it makes you a basket case. I cried and cried the other day. I just felt over whelmed after I had moved. I didn't really want to move as far south as we did and I DID NOT want to move into an apartment(we had searched for months for a house in a location that would work for us only to come up empty handed). I too work with a torch, as you know so trying to find a place for a proper studio(like a house in a basement) was on the top of my list. I,unlike you have kept mine a secret as Land Lords don't really understand our art, knowledge and equipment like we do. I did the whole "It's better to ask for forgiveness, than for permission" approach. I am insured for my equipment and disasters, but it's still technically not allowed where I am. It must be such a relief to create knowing that everything has been Ok'ed by your LL. At least you can create. Creating is what keeps me sane. I just dive in right in to stock my business and bring me peace.

    You are an amazing woman, mom and artist, hang in there. One day at a time. You WILL make it!

    Love you! xo Genea

  9. Is there a school superintendent for the district? I would hope you could get an appointment with him/her to discuss your concerns and appeal for having your daughter stay in that school.
    It doesn't seem right to me that a receptionist should have the final say on such an important issue.
    Good luck. This sounds like tough stuff. (As if moving weren't stressful enough for you and your family.) Stay strong. Your kids will be fine. You're doing great. One day at a time.xoxoxo